Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video 3.0

Stream movies and TV shows to your iOS device

Amazon Prime Video allows users to stream movies and television shows to their iOS device. View full description


  • Smooth video playback
  • Easy access to "watch list"
  • Free for Amazon Prime members
  • Syncs watch position between devices


  • Slow downloads
  • No subtitles
  • Limited content library


Amazon Prime Video allows users to stream movies and television shows to their iOS device.

Amazon's video service is becoming more robust and the Amazon Prime Video app for iOS is their latest volley against video streaming giant, Netflix. Can Amazon Prime Video match the polish of the Netflix app on iOS? Let's find out.

Once you log into the app with your Amazon Prime account, you are greeted with large thumbnails of feature movies and TV shows. Tapping on one will open up a menu where you can see individual episodes, add it to the 'Watch List,' or start streaming it immediately.

While Amazon Prime Video streamed videos just fine, the video player is very bare bones and only features a 30 second jump back button. Netflix, on the other hand, offers users the ability to select different languages for audio and the ability to enable subtitles.

Video streamed in Amazon Prime Video looked good but definitely not as good as Netflix, especially since Netflix offers HD content. Browsing the Amazon Prime Video collection was also a disappointment as there is currently no way to sort movies and TV shows by genre. The first version of Amazon Prime Video didn't have a search feature but that has been added now. Quickly search for shows or movies in the search section, though many shows and movies are missing since Amazon's Prime Video library is still relatively small.

One great feature that Amazon Prime Video has over a service and app like Netflix is the ability to download movies and shows you've purchased. Just tap on the "Library" tab and you'll see all of the movies you've bought through Amazon. Select the movie you want, tap download, and prepare to wait for a long time. Downloads are very slow.

Amazon Prime Video is definitely a step in the right direction but its limited library, lack of features, and bugs still make Netflix a more well rounded service.

Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video 3.0